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Moulder Operator

Machine orders for Cabinets, Millwork, passage doors, and short orders through molder, shaper and sander depending on requirements. Verify all items meet dimensional specifications, and are usable for their given application.

Ensure all orders are complete, and meet grade and quality standards before moving completed orders to appropriate departments down the production line. Highlight orders as complete on posted schedule when finished with orders. Any questions on completeness or acceptability should be directed to millwork lead.

Depending on workload, glue up, sanding, and material handling may be required. A Genesis forklift certification is necessary for this position.

Maintain tooling and ensure it is performing properly for the given operation. Alert Millwork lead of any issues.

Maintain machinery used within the department following the preventative maintenance guidelines and perform these duties per schedule, primarily with the Weinig molder.

Remain productive, and perform tasks in the most efficient manner possible. Report to millwork lead for job assignments when unsure about schedule. Keep area clean, in and around the machinery, working together with other members of the team to maintain the department. Keep carts consolidated, and have the area kept in an orderly fashion. Maintain isles, and avoid blocking them.

The molder operator reports to the Millwork lead.

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